DKL LifeGuard life detector

DKL LifeGuard 1.0 portable human life detector is the latest and best detecting device, which can locate all living humans immediately. DKL Life Guard enables rescuers to start searching living humans within the safest distance (500m) in danger situation or difficult weather conditions. The most advanced features of DKL LifeGuard detector detects only living humans, which means quicker, more efficient and more accurate to locate the lives saved.
The hand held DKL LifeGuard detector is now being used successfully in counter-terrorism, law enforcement, firefighting, earthquake, mudslide, wrecked mountain, mine rescue, port and border control, container searches and rescues, etc.
By shaking the DKL LifeGuard – Life Detector, slowly from side to side to detect the electric field and connecting with people who can detect the presence of people.
This model life detector is the world’s first and only passive human – specific electronic security system. The advanced SilentGuard sensors report intrusions instantly, and can protect entire buildings, selected areas within buildings, storage containers or perimeters.


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